Грамофон Dual CS 630Q

Грамофон Dual CS 630QГрамофон Dual CS 630Q

Drive: EDS 910 microprocessor controlled direct drive system
Platter: 304mm non-magnetic removable
Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: +-0.035%
Signal to noise ratio: 80dB weighted
Tonearm: distortion free ultra low mass aluminium tubular tonearm in gimbal 4 point tip bearing
Effective tonearm length: 211mm
Overhang: 19.5mm
Cartridge: Dual ULM 66E
Stylus: DN 166E
Tracking force: 1 to 1.5g
Frequency response: 10Hz to 28kHz
Cartridge weight: 2.g

Грамофонът е втора употреба.

Цена – 200 лв

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