Китарен ефект Ibanez TS7

Китарен ефект Ibanez TS7Ibanez TS7

The Ibanez Tone-Lok Series TS7 Tubescreamer Pedal is the world-famous original Tube Screamer overdrive, with something extra. A boost switch has been added for extra saturation at the touch of a button. Adjust your sound with the drive, tone, and level controls on the Tubescreamer.
On the outside, Tone-Lok effects are equipped with the Ibanez exclusive „set and forget“ Push-Lok rotary pots. Push the knobs down and your tone settings lock securely inside the case—no more lost settings or broken knobs.
On the inside, Tone-Lok guitar pedals feature hi-fidelity components carefully tweaked with the constant input from a new generation of Ibanez players. And all this great stuff comes encased in cool looking, road-tough metal boxes at prices the working player can afford.
Ефектът е спрян от производство. Има останали много малко бройки. Легендарен ефект !

Ефектът е втора употреба.

Цена – 98лв



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